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PH International (PH), a non-profit organization in Waitsfield, VT, announces an open competition for sub-awardees for its Youth Leadership through Sports (YLS) Program, funded by the International Sports Programming Initiative (ISPI), Office of Citizen Exchanges, Sports Diplomacy Division of the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs (ECA), U.S. Department of State (DOS).


Goals and Background

This International Sports Programming Initiative, through its Sport for Social Change theme, provides an opportunity for sports-based, people-to-people exchanges that advance the U.S. government’s policy goals of building values of inclusion, increasing trust for a more stable world. PH will undertake this work through a strategy focused on leadership development. To be a highly functioning sports team member takes dedication, self-discipline, and healthy living. Young people and coaches from Europe/Eurasia and South Central/Asia will visit the U.S., meet with their peers, and engage in workshops and hands-on experiences in ethical leadership, healthy lifestyles, project management and community service. The skills gained in the U.S. will help them to become role models and agents of change not only on their teams but also in their larger communities. American youth and coaches will, in turn, visit Europe and South Central Asia to observe and take part in the projects their counterparts have implemented as a result of their trip to the U.S. and learn about the culture of their host country.


PH has designed the Youth Leadership through Sport (YLS) Program in Europe/Eurasia and South/Central Asia to foster the development of leadership skills of underserved youth so that these athlete leaders have the confidence and skills to more fully contribute to society and become engaged, active citizens.


Sub-awards funded under the YLS Program will find effective ways that organized sports can play a role in promoting more stable and inclusive communities, encourage leadership at many levels and serve as an alternative to anti-social behavior. Programs developed will demonstrate how organized sports can encourage kids to stay in school, prevent substance abuse and violence, and promote tolerance and understanding between groups and communities. Organized sports also help youth to develop leadership qualities and sportsmanship.


Program Description

PH is seeking proposals from U.S. registered non-profit organizations to plan the content for and facilitate  2-way exchange programs:

Between the U.S. and North Macedonia focusing on women's voleyballall in 2023

*2-way exchange program means a U.S. based exchange and a reciprocal exchange in North Macedonia

These exchanges will use sport to foster the development of leadership skills of underserved youth so that athlete leaders have the confidence and skills to more fully contribute to society and become engaged, active citizens.  They will provide positive opportunities for male and female youth (ages 16 and above), and their coaches, to develop practices of leadership, responsibility, teamwork, mentorship, healthy living and self-discipline. Participants will learn how to become active members of their communities and how to assist some of the most vulnerable populations in their communities such as the disabled and aging, and assist disadvantaged communities through service projects that focus on education, peace, human rights, healthy lifestyles, and environmental awareness. 



Overall goals of the YLS Program

  • Participants understand how sports help to develop leadership skills and serve as a positive influence in their lives;

  • Youth, athletes and coaches demonstrate their leadership skills through organizing community and/or school-based initiatives in their home countries following their exchange experience;

  • All participants have a better understanding of the culture and people of the countries they have visited and a greater respect for diversity.

For the North Macedonia program, proposals must address the theme of building leadership and community activism through  volleyball.


The sub-awardee must be able to plan and implement a U.S. based exchange and a North Macedonia based exchange in 2023.

*The North Macedonian delegation will include adults (coaches) only. 

Program Outcomes

  • Participants are satisfied with their program experiences, believe they have achieved learning goals, and feel that they will use new knowledge and skills in the future;

  • Participants demonstrate understanding of how sports programs help to develop leadership skills in youth and serve as a positive influence in the lives of youth participants;

  • Exchange participants demonstrate understanding of how to be peer mentors and participate in and learn about the in-country community service projects during their exchange visit;

  • Participants demonstrate increased understanding of the culture and people of the countries they have visited;

  • Youth in N. Macedonia and the U.S. are beneficiaries of community-service programs, workshops and sports ‘clinics’ organized by the exchange participants in their country);

  • Americans gain cross-cultural exposure and exchange information with N. Macedonians and  visitors;

  • Exchange participants identify steps they can take in their home countries to be a leader through community or school based sports;

  • Exchange participants transfer knowledge and ideas to others in their communities gained during the exchanges;

  • Participants maintain ongoing communication with their peers from other countries beyond the period of the exchanges through the YLS Social Media Group;

  • All student athletes (male and female) demonstrate leadership skills through organizing and promoting inclusive community or school-based initiatives for disadvantaged groups in their home countries following their exchange experience. 


Sub-Awardee Responsibilities

  • Design and develop programming, in consultation with PH,  for approximately 10-day exchanges for a maximum of 12 American and 12 foreign participants who will gain leadership and team building skills, develop positive growth and healthy lifestyle behaviors, learn project management and community outreach skills, have a better understanding of the culture and people of the countries they have visited and a greater respect for diversity; PH International will arrange and cover international travel, lodging and meals for all exchange program participants  as well as will provide support for being in compliance with policies and consult on program content as needed.

  • Identify local partners in participating countries who are working in similar sport-based fields, ideally with whom they have worked previously, and with whom they can collaborate throughout the duration of the program;

  • Work with the identified local partner to recruit participants (youth, coaches and sport administrators) for programming in the U.S.;

  • Solicit and recruit U.S. participants (youth, coaches and sport administrators), approved by DOS and PH, to travel abroad for programming overseas;

  • Identify a Program Coordinator to work directly with PH’s program staff on planning and implementation of both the U.S. and overseas-based exchanges;

  • Provide PH assistance in budgeting, monitoring and evaluation, and media coverage throughout the exchanges.


Proposal Content

Proposals for the YLS sub-award should include a one-page executive summary, followed by a project narrative, which must not exceed five (5) typed pages, (single spaced, 12 point font, 1” margins on all sides). In addition, a project timeline and budget must be included on subsequent pages.


The budget cap for this sub-award to provide program content for both exchanges is:  $35,000. 


 The full proposal should include the following:

  1. Name of Organization (Must be a 501(c)(3))

  2. Proof of current registration; DUNS Number; CAGE Number;

  3. Proof that the organization has General Liability Insurance that includes sexual abuse and harassment coverage;  

  4. Organization’s Address

  5. Organization’s Point of Contact

  6. Previous Experience in sports focused international exchange programs

    1. Selected list of previous international programs executed by the organization, especially in Europe/Eurasia and the specific country if possible

    2. Describe how the emphasis on youth leadership through sport and giving back to communities was emphasized in previous program content

    3. List locations of each previous program

    4. List the total number of individuals reached/impacted in each previous program

  7. Proposed Exchange Program

    1. Description of the proposed U.S. based and overseas program content/activities aimed to address youth leadership through sport

    2. Identify local in-country partner(s) that will help facilitate the in-country aspects of the program

    3. Provide letters of support from potential partners (as an appendix to the application)

    4. Number of youth, coaches, and administrators expected to be impacted by the program (direct and indirect)

    5. Provide a proposed timeline

    6. Media coverage plan

    7. Provide means of measurement and evaluation of program effectiveness for each of the program outcomes identified above

  8. Organizational Capacity

    1. Discuss the ability of the organization to successfully implement a sports themed, two-way, international exchange that addresses the theme of youth leadership through sports

    2. Include the resume of a dedicated, experienced staff person who will serve as the Program Coordinator and has demonstrated a commitment to implement and monitor international exchange projects and ensure outcomes.*

  9. Detailed Line-Item Budget exclusive of travel, lodging and per diem for participants. The detailed budget should include costs for interpretation, sub-awardee staff travel, local partners and group ground transportation, if needed.  PH will be responsible for all travel (international and domestic), lodging and per diem for the participants. The budget should therefore reflect the costs necessary to plan and implement the exchange programs in the U.S. and the partner country. The sub-awardee should provide at least $2500 in cost share, which should be clearly noted in the budget.*

  10. Budget Narrative that provides an explanation and justification for each line item in the detailed line-item budget.*  A copy of the organization’s negotiated indirect cost rate agreement (NICRA), if applicable*.   If  NICRA is not being used, an explanation of how the organization plans to recover its indirect costs.  This can be done through a statement of intention to use a de minimis rate of 10%, or the organization can offer an indirect-free proposal budget where costs included are all direct cost allocations and document this decision in writing.

* Numbers 7b and 8 – 10 do not count toward the 5 page limit.


. All proposals should be submitted electronically via YLSP sub-award application portal

Please contact YLSP sub-award team at or  (802) 496-4545 if you have any questions.

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