YLS Going Virtual!!!

Female youth soccer players and coaches from Moldova will engage in a virtual leadership camp hosted by PH International and National Youth Leadership Council (NYLC). The leadership camp will include six 45-60 minute sessions via Zoom on what it takes to be a leader in their community. Interpretation will be included. These sessions will help players learn what makes a leader, their personal strengths, and how they can develop their voice to impact their communities. By the end of these sessions, players will craft a plan on how to use their skills to build relationships with others to create positive, lasting change.

Футболистки и тренеры из Молдовы примут участие в виртуальной программе  YLSP и Национального Совета по Mолодежному Лидерству (NYLC). Программа включает в себя шесть 45-60-минутных сессий через Zoom о том, что нужно, чтобы стать лидером в спорте.

Virtual Leadership Camp Dates: March 12- April 16, 2022

аты: 12 Марта- 16 Апреля, 2022                                                                      


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    More about previous YLS Exchange with Moldova:

The first exchange of the YLS Moldova program took place from October 6-14, 2019. This was a dual-sport program, so the 24 Moldovan participants who traveled to the U.S. were a mix of female youth soccer players and coaches as well as male American football players from the Chisinau Sentinels football team. The exchange took place in Massachusetts and Maine, where participants were able to learn about their own leadership potential in sport, engage in community-oriented and teambuilding activities, meet American peers at U.S. high schools and universities, explore American history and culture in Boston, and MORE! This exchange was jam-packed with sports activities, leadership development, laughter, hard work, and LOTS of group singing in the vans... 

Girls Soccer Team with Coach